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Our purpose is to help churches grow by offering a free survey that helps leaders evaluate the ministry essentials that really make a difference. Many churches have been unable to grow. The good news is that churches that improved certain ministry essentials increased average attendance by 23% per year!!

By clicking on Church Growth 101, you can download the free survey and learn more about seven growth essentials. We make this offer because we would love to see more churches growing. Our research is over. It’s time to share.

As you think about the church you attend most often, ask yourself the following questions:

Why? Because in church communities that improved these essentials by an average of 4 percent or more, attendance increased an average of 20 percent per year! In ministries where the quality of essentials decreased significantly attendance dropped an average of 9 percent per year.

The photos above were taken during the closing blessing of a congregation in which attendance had more doubled. Follow-up surveys revealed that the seven ministry essentials listed above had significantly improved.

For ministries that do not want to score their own surveys, we provide an option that includes sending your surveys to us for scoring. You will receive an individualized report, highlights of achievements and essentials needing further development. For more information, you can email us: revsrobjan@bendtel.net or call 541-382-7404.

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